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Current situation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic at SK-Office Deutschland GmbH:

The current situation is coming to a head in all countries. Massive restrictions in public life have already occurred or are still to be expected. In some cases, public life can even come to a complete standstill. We as a service company are also affected, but we still want to provide our customers with the best possible support and are prepared for all scenarios in the best possible way. If you as a client / customer think about the topic of short-time work in your company, or if you have to do it, we will support you wherever we can and help you to make the applications or make the applications on your behalf. We try our best to continue to look after you as a customer as you know from us. Even in this difficult time, SK-Office Deutschland GmbH continues to stand for these attributes:

  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Customer oriented

The top asset of all companies and the economy are people, which we as SK-Office Deutschland GmbH have recognized and also try to protect our employees as best as possible. In response to the situation, we have provided disinfectants and cleaning utensils for the entire workforce. All points of contact are cleaned and checked at regular intervals. However, due to the current situation, it may be that these measures on the premises of SK-Office Deutschland GmbH are not sufficient, therefore internal rules of conduct have been communicated to the employees and they have top priority. If, unexpectedly, the case arises that an employee has become infected with the COVID-19 virus, he is released from work and may no longer enter the premises of SK-Office Deutschland GmbH. If the government or the Ministry of Health issues a risk to life and limb, all employees have the option of setting up a home office workplace. All technical and organizational measures are ensured and available for this. In any case, SK-Office Deutschland GmbH will be able to continue to deliver the service. In order to continue to ensure quality, measures for a “Business Continuity Plan” have also been published internally.


If you have any questions about the situation at SK-Office Deutschland GmbH, or about short-time work, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!

Please stay healthy or cure yourself and let’s overcome this crisis together.


– The SK-Office Deutschland GmbH team –


ready for take-off.

we are ready, the whole team of SKO will have a big journey, which starts today.
We will never have such a trip again, because this is in regard to the 25th anniversary of SKO. So be a part of our journey and share the moment:


We are having the business trip until the 24th of April and this is your chance to be part of it. We are going to publish some experiences on our instagram stories and probably we are going to stream sometimes live.
The reason for that is easy: We would like to bring the sun to germany, because we will have enough of it.

So follow us directly on instragram and share the moments with us.



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…9 days 18 hours and 30 minutes left.
Be a part of our journey and check it out.

We are happy to invite you to our Instagram Account:



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…at the 1st of April 2019 we had something very special to celebrate.

It was the 25th anniversary of SKO, and no thats not an april fool. In the past 25 years we gathered a lot of experiences, we shared ups and downs but the very important Thing which was never missing is:

The fun at work and the solidarity among each other!

We are proud of all the experiences we have made and would like to say THANK YOU!
Thanks to our great and faithful employees,
Thanks to our clients, who are giving us the trust,

and a great THANK YOU to our founder and CEO Stefan Krüger, who enables that we are a part of the SKO family

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#SKO #goes #wild
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