Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Payroll Accounting?
  • What benefits can SK-Office offer me?
  • Will you file the legal paperwork?
  • Will you do my past payrolls?
  • What does the SKO Cloud Software do?
What is Payroll Accounting?

Our responsibilities as Payroll Accountants is to approve and deliver gross wages and salaries, as well as bonuses or commissions that are earned by your employees. Part of our work is also to calculate and withhold taxes such as income tax or contributions to healthcare and other social services.

What benefits can SK-Office offer me?

We completely take the weight of payroll accounting off your shoulders – that means you won’t have to worry about it. You can be assured that your payroll will be managed professionally, as you will always have a personal phone contact readily available. Since we will do your accounting, we will also accept liability.

Will you file the legal paperwork?

Yes. As part of our services, we will also handle the necessary paperwork and when required, send it to institutions. This includes:

  • statements of contributions paid to social services,
  • certificate of wage tax deductions,
  • transfer journals,
  • payroll evidence for trade associations,

as well as paperwork for employees, such as:

  • Employment certificates
  • Statements of income
  • certificates for calculation of maternity pay
  • statement of earnings for application on child benefit

and more.

Will you do my past payrolls?

Yes. Our service is not limited to current accounting and we can also solve issues that occured prior our accounting takeover.

What does the SKO Cloud Software do?

The SKO Cloud Software is a way for us to mutually communicate with our clients. It allows us to always have a clear view of the data and serves as a secure gateway for information. For example, you won’t have to send information via Email, rather you can upload it to the cloud which we set up specifically for your company.

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